Erection of Metal Structures

The Specialized Company "Vista" erects buildings from the steel structures in Moscow. We do all the work from the building design to its construction. Our work is done strictly on time.

The technology is considered one of the most innovative. The use of the technology reduces the building construction time.

The steel structures have the following features:

  • Serve as a basis for the load-bearing walls,
  • It is possible to mount insulation and add panels.

Flooring and roofing are made from the metal frames.

Advantages of Buildings from Metal Structures

The main advantage of this technology is its practical design. A steel frame building can serve for over a hundred years. Also, these buildings have other advantages:

  • Competitive cost. The price of the material is significantly lower than that of bricks or cinder blocks
  • No need to choose the right weather
  • Using simple foundation
  • Short construction time

The end construction cost depends primarily on the complexity of the project. The price is affected by:

  • The place of construction
  • The experience of workers
  • The amount of special equipment

Why It Is Beneficial to Work with Us

We are the experts in the erection of buildings from metal structures. In a short time we can build a:

  • Warehouse
  • Industrial building
  • Logistics center
  • Store
  • Sports and entertainment facility of any size

Our customers do not worry about the quality of work and the skills of our employees. We guarantee the best materials and strict adherence to all the agreements.

If you are going to erect a building from the steel structures, we are waiting for you in our "Vista" company!