Assembly of Metal Structures

Our company offers the services to manufacture, assemble, dismantle and weld the steel structures. The qualified professionals with extensive experience will quickly and efficiently carry out the work on the customers site. We are ready to work with even the most complex projects!

Anyone who has anything to do with business knows how valuable the time is, especially during the project execution. And in the construction business every second counts even more. The project execution time sometimes is the main criterion for choosing a company for the cooperation. This is especially true in the so-called "peak season", when the work is in the full swing and the new buildings grow in just a few months. Therefore, the usual building materials are replaced with the new improved models which make the construction as quick as possible with the least cost.

The most popular construction materials today are the metal structures.

The steel structure is a building material based on a metal with an alloy admixture. Its main advantage is the price, and high speed assembly.

The reliability of the finished building is another advantage of the metal structures. The experts note their high resistance to deformation, even taking into account the heavy project load. Such strength of the metal frame is achieved by welding the metal elements. However, there is a downside - after the welding these structures cannot be called mobile.

However, the steel structures have been and remain the relatively compact and lightweight material which is transportable too. This rugged construction makes the project intact and secure.

Also, the structures are rather lightweight, and may be dismantled and transported to a new location without any damage to the material.

Another definite plus is the low cost of the material. Today, the production of metal products is fine-tuned, so the competition ensures the low prices of the structures. That is why this material is so widespread and continues to be in the top demand among the building materials.

Quick-Erect Prefabricated Buildings from Metal Frame

The buildings, the construction of which is carried out based on a metal frame, are called quick-erect. The frames of this type perform the function of a support structure that allows erecting high-rise buildings of any complexity. Usually the walls of the buildings from metal frames are covered with the sandwich panels.