Typical Projects

The spatial grid metal structures are designed based on the customers order taking into account the volumetric, planning, geometric and economic potential of the «MARKHI» system. The "VISTA" company experts make the design calculation based on the maximum load and prepare a mounting diagram of the structure from the bars and load carrying elements of the unified assortment. The design of the structures is made by means of special software.

Our company is pleased to present you the ready for sale typical projects with spatial grid structures (SGS) of the «MARKHI» system. All proposed for your attention projects have been estimated by our experts and are designed for different applications.

Please note that we are ready to make either the separate building frame or the ready-made «turnkey» projects.

Some projects have been designed without any foundation and are mounted on the screw jacks which can save significantly on the excavation works.

Dimensions 10х12 m, time to manufacture is 10 days

Dimensions 12х20 m, time to manufacture is 10 days

Dimensions 12х34 m, time to manufacture is 10 days

Applications:  canteens, cafes, stores, sales offices, kiosks, car washes, garages.

Applications: kiosks, green houses, garages, entertainment and sports complexes, car washes.

Applications: exhibition pavilions, shops, boutiques, terminals, security check points.

Dimensions 30х45 m, time to manufacture is 20 days

Dimensions 30х60 m, time to manufacture is 25 days

Dimensions 39х80 m, time to manufacture is 25 days

Applications: trade pavilions, production shops, warehouses.

Applications:  ice rinks, sports complexes, industrial buildings.

Applications: trade centers, fitness centers, indoor swimming pools.

Dimensions 36х83 m, time to manufacture is 40 days

Design of a performing arena 580 м2

Dimensions 54х45 m, time to manufacture is 40 days

Applications: places of worship, sports complexes, shopping and amusement centers.

Applications: music floors, forums, entertainment shows.

Applications: museums, exhibition halls, pavilions, halls.

The spatial grid structures of the «MARKHI» system are prefabricated, which makes it possible to easily and quickly transfer (dismantle) the steel structures and construct them in any other desired place.

This section of the site is for information only. If you are planning a project with different dimensions than the drawings presented here, our team of experts will prepare structural steel drawings and structural engineering drawings based on your technical specifications and all your requirements.