Design of Metal Structures

Today, the pre-fabricated structures are in demand in almost all spheres of the human life. Most often they are used in the industrial and civil construction, and are the basis for the construction of hangars, various sports halls, industrial buildings, shopping centers and so on.

The prefabricated buildings have excellent performance qualities, for which they have become so popular. It is safe to say that today the design and construction of prefabricated buildings is one of the most popular services in the large Russian cities.

As with any construction, the erection of buildings made from the steel structures has its own features that must be considered.

The most important stage is the design of the future building. First of all the technical documentation is made, which will form the basis of the subsequent construction. The design has always been prepared by a qualified person with a lot of experience, whose knowledge and skills ensure the proper preparation of the drawings.

However, the design also includes the analysis of the technical data, which requires the appropriate mathematical calculations. Even a small error may result in a defective structure, shortage of material and so on.

At this stage, the main goal of the expert is to make all the necessary documentation, coordinate it with the supervisory authorities, develop the drawings etc. If there are any diagrams in the documents, they should be accompanied with a technical explanation.

An estimate is made on the basis of the design, describing the amount of the required material.

Our company offers the services of designing the steel structure buildings. Our specialists are a team of professionals, working efficiently and effectively. They are all the graduates of the leading architecture and construction universities, and their extensive experience makes their work very efficient. The design department in our company is equipped with the latest technology, the best software, and has everything that is necessary for the effective work of the employees.

We are mainly designing the steel structures for the civil and industrial construction. Thanks to the years of experience we can design even complex steel structures, and the design complexity does not affect the technical quality and safety of the building.

You can order a custom-made design of steel structure building to suit all of your requirements. In addition to the building design, our company is engaged in the design of foundations, building frames, fencing, load-bearing roof structures and flooring.

By placing an order with us you will get all the necessary information for the state examination and subsequent construction. You can order the design of warehouses, industrial buildings, high-rise buildings, hangars and buildings for agricultural purposes, sports centers, lofts, and many other projects.

Our company designs buildings in accordance with the regulatory documents and rules. There are several design stages:

  1. Preparation of the primary documentation

This includes the development of documents and preparation of all the necessary papers, on which the future construction will be based. When preparing the design the load on the future building and the likelihood of deformation after a certain time are accounted for. The best project material is being considered. At this stage the document package is prepared including the technical diagrams, drawings and specifications.

  1. Detailed design of prefabricated structures

At this stage all the previously made drawings and diagrams are being closely inspected. The technical and economic parameters may be adjusted. All the previously made estimates are closely reviewed. It is a checking stage, after which all the defects and inaccuracies are eliminated.

Of course, the modern equipment greatly simplifies the task. All the calculations are carried out in an automatic mode, which eliminates human errors. We have this type of equipment, and all our company professionals utilize the construction software.

When you deal with us you get a number of advantages:

- Reduction of building construction costs;

- Reducing the risk of errors during the installation of the finished structure;

- Durable and reliable finished structure;

- Reduced project construction time;

- Ready estimate with all the possible costs during the construction;

- Approval by the regulatory authorities;

- Construction in accordance with all safety and quality standards.

Our company is ready to take on the design of steel structure buildings of any complexity. Our experience, thorough knowledge of modern technology, excellent technical base enables us to increase the production volumes without compromising the quality.

We look forward to your orders!