PROJECTS with Spatial Grid Structures in the World

The main purpose of this section is to show how the spatial grid structures are used around the world. Because the spatial frame structures have unique architectural, form-building and technical-economic features they have been successfully introduced long time ago in all the developed countries. The structures are being used both in the unique construction of exhibition and business centers, museums, entertainment centers, logistic terminals (with an area from 50 000 sq. m.), airports, rail depots and stations, as well as in the ubiquitous large-span hangars, warehouses and shelters for the oversized equipment, agro-industrial sector, and many other types of construction.

Today we are able to design buildings of any complexity and architecture using the spatial grid structures. We have our own accumulated experience of designing, manufacturing and erection of non-standard construction projects, as well as the scientific and technological resources of our foreign partners. Using the latest and unique software, we are ready to fulfill even the most ambitious project. The new design level has left far behind many construction solutions of today.

The spatial grid structures make it possible to create a variety of composite solutions of both the coverings, as well as the buildings as a whole. The spatial tent shape in the form of a cube, four- or three-sided pyramid, etc. is achieved by carving the necessary volume from the three-dimensional figure, completely filled with forming pyramids or prisms, or by a combination of the desired volume of the building made from separate flat plates connected with one another along the coupling lines.

But nothing can compare with the visual examples of the completed projects around the world.

We purposely show the unique projects to reflect the full potential of the spatial grid structures.