Installation of Metal Structures

The main field of our company operation is the production and installation of metal structures. Today, there is an increased demand for the construction of prefabricated buildings using the frame-modular technology. In addition, the metal structures are used in almost all spheres of the human activity. We meet them everywhere in the form of the fences, billboards on the streets, shopping malls, sports complexes, gas stations, garages, residential and industrial buildings, hangars and warehouses, etc. The frame-modular technology is ubiquitous, which is not so surprising, because it has many advantages.

Firstly, all the experts in this area appreciate its efficiency. The construction of buildings on the basis of pre-fabricated steel structures costs 30-40% less compared to the conventional monolithic construction. Also, the construction of the foundation is not a prerequisite, and the construction process does not require any expensive heavy equipment.

Secondly, the time spent on the construction of prefabricated steel structures, is significantly less as compared with the prolonged monolithic construction. For example, the construction of a small one-story building may only take a few weeks.

Our company offers a wide range of services for the installation of steel structures.

Only genuine professionals who know their business work in our company. Despite being lightweight the installation of metal structures requires certain knowledge, so the specially trained people need to do the installation.

Also, our company has a fleet of vehicles, with all the necessary equipment for the installation of metal structures. We care about our customers, so all the work is carried out at the highest level. At the same time, we practice an impartial pricing policy; you will be comfortable and pleased working with us.

Our experts will quickly and efficiently carry out all the necessary work on the installation of metal structures, their assembly and even the design. Our company employees have a special permission to carry out construction work at a high level; all of them are the experts in the industrial climbing and do all the necessary work in the shortest possible time.

All the parts are joined by means of electric welding, riveting and bolting. This is necessary for the maximum reliability and durability of the finished metal structure. We warranty all the work performed by our experts.