Installation of Engineering Systems

Our company offers its services for the supply of engineering systems for the private suburban cottages and industrial buildings.

The installation of engineering systems is the main area of work in our company which in the last 15 years has been able to achieve the highest possible professional level of the design, installation and commissioning work. Only highly qualified specialists with many years of work experience are employed here. In addition, all the services provided by our company, have been warranted.

If you have any organizational and technical questions on the installation of the engineering systems, you can contact our managers by the phone on our website. Or send us an email and we will be happy to give the answers to all of your questions.

Today, many city residents prefer to move from the megalopolis to the quiet, remote villages. However, nowadays you cant imagine a private house without any engineering systems. We are all used to having running water, heating, a sewer system, and what will you do if there is no connection to the centralized engineering systems? In this case there is only one way out - the installation of the stand-alone engineering systems. This will help create your own indoor climate with a stable temperature inside the building. Here is the list of major systems required for a comfortable existence in a country house or industrial building:

- drilling of an artesian well (in the case when there is no connection to the central water supply system);

- installation of the water supply system;

- designing and installation of sewerage, including a septic tank for the self-contained systems;

- installation of a boiler, heating systems,

- installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems;

- installation of automatic systems of various types (smart home).

Of course, the installation of the above equipment will provide the maximum effect only when done together with its designing and future servicing.

The installation of engineering systems takes place in several stages:

1. Project analysis, territory improvement, development of technical specifications.

2. Design and development of engineering systems.

3. Delivery to the site of all the necessary customers equipment and its installation.

4. Project commissioning.

5. Complex warranty service.

Since our company has been providing the entire package of the design and installation services, by calling us you can solve any problems with the installation of the engineering systems.