Metal Structures for Construction

Recently, the metal structures have become incredibly popular in the construction of high-rise buildings and other civil engineering projects. Besides, these metal structures are commonly used in the wall and roof covering of the buildings.

The metal structures are made from iron and non-iron metal and are divided into the structures from steel and other lighter materials. The construction based on the metal structures has been known for many years, and probably has been used for more than one generation of builders. More than a century ago, they were used in the construction of staircases, columns, beams, and various iron products. Today, this industry is extremely developed, it uses cutting-edge equipment, and the structures are incredibly durable and reliable, many specialists are working daily to improve them even more.

All metal structures are provisionally divided into three types:

- building structures;

- fencing structures;

- modular metal structures.

The first ones are being used in the construction of frames of all types of buildings; the building structures are also extensively used in the construction of columns, roofs, building spans.

The fencing structures are popular in the construction from the sandwich panels. They are also common in the construction of fences made of the galvanized sheets. The same types of structures include the metal doors and gates.

The modular metal structures are mainly used in the construction of prefabricated buildings. This type has a number of advantages that is why it has gained wide popularity in the construction industry. The modular metal structures are often used for the urgent projects, the construction of which takes only a few weeks. Another advantage of this type of building structures is the low cost of construction. This material has a relatively low price, and the technical specifications are in no way inferior to the monolithic construction. We can say with confidence that the construction from the metal structures will cost 2-3 times less than similar monolithic construction.

Furthermore, the installation work takes much less time, and the building can be moved from one place to another if needed. If the project is small the dismantling can be done in just one day, and transported by a regular vehicle.

The installation of metal structures is not difficult and can be performed with your own labor. However, during the construction of complex projects it is better to invite a professional. For example, you can order only one qualified specialist to coordinate the actions of the other workers.

As mentioned above, the assembly of the metal structures does not take long; there are three components to it.

The preliminary analysis of the financial costs and the preparation of the metal structures. In other words, the building estimates are done at this stage using an estimate calculator without any help from the experts. This process is quite time-consuming, but is quite feasible. A detailed analysis of all the parts and equipment will allow you to calculate the financial cost of a construction project. After the estimate is made, you can contact the factory for the customized manufacturing of metal structures for your project. Do not forget that your figures and estimate may be considerably different from the factory prices.

The next step is the assembly. After all the parts have been made they have to be secured on the structure in the position in which they will stay after the construction is finished. The assembly process should take place with all available welding allowance. The installation is best to do on the prepared large sites. The modular buildings from metal structures may have no foundation because they have a relatively small weight. Therefore, the site may be prepared of asphalt or gravel.

The next step is welding. Here you will need a professional welder. It is also necessary to prepare the job site where the welders could work in a comfortable environment. Each self-esteemed company employs only highly qualified craftsmen with extensive experience.

The scope of utilization of metal structures

Most often the construction of recent years utilizes the metal structures from steel beams. They are used in the construction of load-bearing frames of both residential and industrial buildings, construction of bridges and so on. For example, the construction of blast furnaces is based on a heat-resistant metal frame.

The light gauge metal structures are used in the construction of different fences, the decoration of buildings. The structures of this type have a number of advantages - relatively low weight, corrosion resistance, excellent decorative features.

Almost all metal structures are made from the sheet and profiled steel. Today the market offers the welded, riveted and bolted structures.

Based on the above, we can say that by choosing the construction from metal structures, you are able to save money and time. The modern equipment, the latest technology and skills of experts will help you quickly and economically erect a building of your dreams!