Light Gauge Metal Structures

The light gauge metal structures are the products made from the profiled high-strength thin-sheet metal, which can be assembled into a single whole structure during the installation. In the modern world such metal structures are used in virtually every sphere of the human activity.

The light gauge metal structures have a number of advantages.

First of all, many construction firms like them for their mobility. The installation of one project may take from one to several months. In comparison with the monolithic construction, it is much faster. The steel structures are quite simple to install, they are like big building blocks which can be put together to make one whole. All the elements are joined and bolted together. The installation of steel structures requires welding equipment, as well as many other more sophisticated, professional tools.

Secondly, the light gauge metal structures got their name for their relatively light weight. Due to this the construction does not require a foundation, the preparatory work is reduced. These structures save money on the construction.

Thirdly, though they are lightweight and can be quickly assembled and disassembled the metal structures are highly durable. If all the construction requirements and standards have been met, the steel structure building is able to withstand high wind loads, variations in temperature and humidity, as well as small seismic jolts, etc.

The low cost of such steel structures is also a plus. This is due to the fact that their production does not require much material. Mainly, the inexpensive raw materials and proven technology are used, so it is possible to keep the cost of products at the low level.

The light gauge steel structures are universally used in the agricultural, industrial and manufacturing sectors. Of course, every order is different and the metal structure is made with regard to its future use.

Another advantage of light gauge metal structures is the ease of installation and uninstallation. If desired, the construction maybe moved to another location, while its functional performance will not change.

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