Multifunctional Projects

The «MARKHI» spatial grid structures are widely used in the construction of the large-span buildings, such as shopping centers, multipurpose sports facilities, health centers, etc. The «MARKHI» structures have up to 110 meter spans and do not require any intermediate supports. It is also possible to design and erect a building with the “MARKHI” structure serving as a support. This makes it feasible to get rid of the standard columns and significantly reduce the cost of construction.

Shopping Center, Ice Rink, Exhibition Hall

The ability to cover the large building spans without any intermediate supports (SGS) make the “MARKHI” structures ideal for the shopping centers, ice palaces and pavilions. The low weight of the “MARKHI” system combined with the ability to design any spatial structure provides an excellent aesthetic perception of the finished structure.

The spatial design solution of the CSC sports complex of the Russian Emergencies Ministry has been designed to meet the latest standards for the design and construction of international sports facilities. The proposed project is an indoor multi-level sports complex, combined into a single mono-block.

Benefits of Indoor Arena:

·  A significant reduction of noise from the stadium in the residential area;

·  Year-round use of sports grounds;

Advantages of combining buildings into a single multi-level mono-block:

·  Reduced areas of support facilities (coatrooms, catering facilities, bathrooms, utility rooms, etc.) due to the optimal arrangement of halls and sports fields;

·  Preservation of the "Avant-garde" stadium historical park and a landscaped entrance group by reducing the development area;

·  Use of the space under the stadium, through the placement of a football field at a bench mark of + 4.500 meters, this solution allows you to place shops and a car parking for the guests and fans under the football field.

Placement of major sports arenas at a bench mark of + 4.500 meters will allow:

·  Convenient access to all the facilities and easy connection between them, through the integration of all functional areas around the distribution and recreational area;

·  Set up shopping areas at the ground level;

·  Set up an open parking lot for 800 spaces;

·  Independently use different complex parts through the distribution of the visitor flows between the sports facilities and the shopping complex on the different levels.

The project authors pay special attention the modern security and access systems as well as lighting and telecommunications systems. The interior design of the complex is developed taking into account the future universal use of the sports arenas. All the technical and technological equipment of the project is formed in accordance with its functional purpose, and the economic and aesthetic requirements.

Shop, Shopping Pavilion, Check-point, Cafeteria

The fast assembly, low metal consumption, easy dismantling and transfer of the pavilion to another place at the owners request makes the «MARKHI» structures unique in the niche of the prefabricated buildings and structures.