The Concept

In this section you can see some visual projects which use the spatial grid structures of the «MARKHI» system and its derivative structure "Kislovodsk". The structures can be successfully used to build the most types of facilities from warehouses and hangars, as well as the shopping, entertainment, sports and fitness centers.

The spatial grid structures of the «MARKHI» system have big building capabilities which help solve virtually any three-dimensional composite task in which the spatial frame not only solves the functional problem of covering the space, but also becomes the molding composition of the entire structure.

The spatial grid structure of the «MARKHI» system is assembled from separate tubular rods and load-bearing elements and represents a regular structure based on the polyhedrons. They have an important role of filling densely of the space and have equal rods in the designed structure. The filled in space represents an initial matrix, in which the shaping of all possible spatial frames takes place. The frameworks are formed by crossing the frame with the planes.

The spatial grid structures of the “MARKHI” system are based on the tetrahedron - cube - octahedral group which is the most widely used in the world of design, due to the spatial geometric invariability and equilateral ribs.