Production and installation of steel structures

The steel structures installation is one of the leading sectors in the construction industry. Today, the construction of the prefabricated buildings has been a part of the state imports replacement program that allows this sector to develop and gain popularity. The delivery time of metal structures impacts the speed of assembly of the finished products, and the accuracy of estimates impacts the metal consumption and the economy of the whole construction sector. Our company is engaged in the installation of metal structures of different types and complexity, and the quality, speed of assembly and the low price are our main advantages.

By selecting our company, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality product, a durable building, assembled according to the specifications, and everything is done for an adequate price. You can view our prices in the relevant section of the website.

Thanks to the production capacity of the plant which meets the requirements of our company, we are able to manufacture the custom-made metal structures.

By cooperating with us, you will get a number of advantages. For example, we work seven days a week in two shifts, so you can contact us at any time. All the estimates and detailed designs are developed by the qualified staff of the plant, besides all the design and assembly processes pass a strict quality control.

In addition, our specialists can carry out an examination of the project provided by the customer, perform the verification work, find errors and ways to correct them, identify resources to reduce the metal consumption, and metal structures prices.

The partnership with our company is the real solution of your building problems!

Our company takes an opportunity of cooperation with other construction companies, taking part in the production, designing of a project and installation of steel structures on existing foundations. All work is carried out strictly according to the existing building codes, using modern technical equipment from the United States, China, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria. All the metal structures made at our factory, are corrosion treated and may be painted in any color.

It is worth noting that the high professionalism and coordinated work of the staff make it possible to design, assemble the metal structure elements and the complete project with high-quality and in the shortest possible time.

All finished products are stored at the plant in the indoor pavilion. You can order the delivery from the factory, and can come to pick up the finished products by a truck.

By cooperating with us, you get a guarantee on the repair and maintenance of the structures during the 5 years, the quality conformity certificate according to the GOST requirements, and the lab weld quality control.

Where are such metal structures used?

Most often the metal structures are used in the construction of the quick-erect prefabricated buildings. Their use allows designing of the large column grids, while maintaining the freedom of layout and structural versatility.

The project unification is often used in the modern construction. This means that a typical project can be used many times, as many industrial buildings have similar parameters for the span width and floor height. Due to this it is possible to reduce the design time and reduce its cost.

Despite the long list of advantages of the metal structures for the quick-erect prefabricated buildings, they are not the only solution in the construction. If the high durability and fire resistance are required, then the monolithic construction from the prefabricated reinforced concrete is used.