Manufacturing of Metal Structures

For many years our company has been engaged in the manufacturing of steel structures. The steel products are widely used in all the industries, and the construction is one of the largest areas of their utilization. The modern technology and equipment, the experience accumulated by the generations make it possible to produce high quality products that are durable, reliable and long-lasting. Our company has vast experience of manufacturing the steel structures, which allows us to quickly and efficiently fulfill customers orders and remain one of the most popular companies.

Our staff are experts in semi-automatic welding, thanks to which the metal structures become almost cast ones having high-quality joints. Also we are using the plasma and laser cutting for the maximum precision metal cutting.

It is no secret that the production of the metal structures requires a serious approach, specific professional knowledge and skills, excellent knowledge of the building tools and the professional people. The steel structures are used virtually everywhere where the people are. That is why we try to do only the quality product in order to make the life of people easier and create comfortable conditions for living and working.

Our company values its customers, that is why we perform the design, production and installation of the steel structures at the highest level. Also, our company is ready to offer the services to assemble a complete project from the steel structures.

For many years our company has been working to improve the production process. Today, we use the modern metal processing equipment that was purchased from the leading manufacturers –these are band saws for the plasma and laser cutting; inventory welding machines for the semiautomatic and automatic welding; special paints and galvanic corrosion protection are used to maintain the metal technical specifications; our experts perform chrome plating and cold, hot and electrolytic galvanizing.

 As already mentioned above, our specialists are ready to assemble and take apart the metal structures using specialized equipment. We have our own staff of specialists, professional tools, all the necessary equipment using which we can quickly and accurately carry out the installation, dismantling and welding of the steel structures anywhere in Russia.

The metal structures are commonly used in the everyday life of people, for example:

- All kinds of fences and grilles, car sheds, pergolas and stairs, railings;

- Lawn, construction, sports and other types of fencing;

- Hangars, awnings, arched buildings from the sandwich panels, which can be used in sports (swimming pools, ice rinks, racetracks, football and volleyball courts);

- сWarehouses from sandwich panels and profiled metal sheets;

- Agricultural buildings of any size and shape;

- Car washes, garages, shopping centers;

- Load-bearing parts of high-rise buildings;

- Bridges;

- Antenna and mast structures;

- Reservoirs.

You can order the delivery of steel structures anywhere in the world! We will fulfil our work quickly and at a competitive price!