Quick-Erect Prefabricated Metal Structures

The construction of quick-erect prefabricated buildings is one of the main activities of our company. The quick-erect prefabricated buildings help solve several problems at once - it is a question of price and the construction time. However, they are durable, strong and reliable buildings that are used as:

- Industrial;

- Shopping;

- Private buildings.

The design, development, construction of such buildings shall be less expensive than similar buildings of the monolithic construction. Thus, the buildings from the quick-erect prefabricated steel structures can be put into operation and will recoup their costs much faster.

The prefabricated buildings can be of any color. The production of the sandwich panels provides for a wide range of colors, leading to a variety of the most creative facade ideas.

Also the construction of the quick-erect prefabricated buildings provides for a variety of glazing which allows each of our customers to express their own, unique style.

The steel structures are known for their versatility. They can reach 24-36 meters, and the layout of the rooms can be of any kind, depending on where the building will be used.

The prefabricated buildings from the metal structures are made at the plant and assembled directly at the customer's site. As a result the construction time is reduced, and you do not have to stand idle while the lengthy full-scope construction process takes place.

These quick-erect prefabricated buildings are not fragile but, on the contrary, are reliable and durable. Every sandwich panel is quality controlled by a special ultrasonic method. This method is a kind of a strength test by means of sending the sound vibration beams. The metal is checked for any damage and defects, and only then the panels are sent for sale.

Today the buildings from the quick-erect prefabricated steel structures have a strong position in the real estate market. This is because the structures are lightweight, have low price, require a fully mechanized process. They are quick to manufacture and assemble, and allow producing the sandwich panels according to the individual designs.

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