Hangars from Metal Structures

Our company is engaged in the construction of quick-erect prefabricated hangars from metal structures of different types. Our company is not just erecting buildings of standard design, but has an individual approach to each client. We help solve even the most difficult challenges brought up by our clients. The scope of our services include: the production of quick-erect prefabricated hangars, the product delivery to the customers site, the customized construction design and the assembly of the finished product. We value our reputation, therefore we guarantee the quality of construction, the durability of the structures and buildings as well as their compliance with the specifications, and so on.

Where are the hangars from metal structures used?

Most often they can used for:

- Storage of goods, materials or equipment, in short, they do an excellent job as warehouses;

- Parking and car service centers;

- Organizing various sports events and activities, such as trainings, competitions and so on;

- As an office, an administrative building;

- Exhibitions, field events "on the road";

- Production shops, workshops;

- The construction of barns and sheds for the animals.

Besides all of the above, our company takes on making multi-functional hangars from the prefabricated metal structures.

The advantages of cooperation with our company:

Our company takes on doing even extra complicated at first glance, tasks. On average, a project is prepared within 15 days, but each case is different, and please keep it in mind when placing an order. It is worth noting that our prices are significantly less than of similar companies. In addition, when dealing with us, you do not overpay for the services such as the design documents, they are a bonus to the project. Manufacturing of the metal structures takes an average of no more than 15 days, but if you order the "turnkey" services, the production time depends on the complexity of the project.

Advantages of Hangars from Metal Structures

The hangars from metal structures - is a real opportunity to quickly build a durable, reliable construction, while spending less as compared with a standard building. The hangar type buildings made from the metal structures are beneficial because they are easily dismantled and can be used in a rented space.

In addition, this option becomes a rescue when there are time and money constraints during the construction.

The clients, who work with us, get a bunch of benefits. Our steel structures have long been the favorites among the small business customers, as these products have mobility; they are easy to assemble and take apart. Besides, such procedure can be carried out repeatedly, the main thing is not to damage the hangar parts and its metal structures. The construction of hangars is not as expensive as the construction of standard buildings. They do not need a lot of equipment, or special materials. Most often, the hangars are built by a team of several workers, without any lifting equipment.

The transportation of metal structures does not require any special clearance documentation, as they are considered to be an "oversize" cargo.

The hangars from metal structures are built on a strong metal frame; the sandwich panels are also used because they are suitable for any climate and are an universal building material.

The price of hangars made of metal structures is about 30% lower than of the similar standard building. In addition such hangars do not require a foundation, and consequently any sophisticated equipment.

Another huge benefit of the prefabricated hangars is their portability. At the request any construction from the steel structures can be upgraded in the future. It would be possible to add several floors, to expand the area and so on.

The construction employs light, yet high-quality materials with a good level of noise and sound insulation.

If you have any questions about the construction of hangars from the steel structures, please contact us by phone +7 (499) 842-40-23, listed on the site. We look forward to your calls!