Ideology behind «MARKHI» System

It is known that the efficiency of industrial production of the construction steel structures, the possibility of reducing their cost depends to a large extent on their mass production and the rationality of design solutions. In the development of the prefabricated metal structures, spatial grid structures (SGS) of the MARKHI system the following basic architectural and structural solutions have been adopted:

  • Unified and standardized assortment with the maximum compositional possibilities;
  • Use of the optimally shaped ubiquitous tubular rolled metal profiles;
  • Virtually unlimited variety of structural forms on the basis of a limited set of initial standardized components that provide a wide range of system applications in the industrial and civil construction;
  • Use of the high-strength steel in the element connections;
  • Fully industrialized production, based on the use of high-efficiency automatic and semi-automatic equipment, casting and stamping;
  • Light, compact, easily transported structures;
  • Highly reliable, fast assembly and installation of structures, including the conveyor belt and large-block assembly;
  • Wide variety of three-dimensional frame compositions.

  • The combination of scientific and technological capabilities for designing and manufacturing of the spatial grid «MARKHI» structures, attracting the leading design organizations ensures the high quality and reliability of our products.

    Examples of Shapes from Spatial Grid MARKHI Structures

    The spatial grid MARCHI structures have a large form-building capabilities helping solve virtually any three-dimensional composition task in which the spatial frame is not only a functional span, but also is a form-building composition of the entire structure.

      Assembled from the separate tubular rods and multifaceted load-bearing elements with a single bolt connection, the spatial grid MARKHI structures present a regular construction based on rectilinear polyhedrons, which have one important property – they densely fill up the space and have modular rods of equal length within the designed structure.

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