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Dear Customers, Partners and Competitors !

We are glad to introduce you a group of companies "VISTA" – the supplier of complex solutions in the field of construction of prefabricated industrial and civil objects. The "VISTA" factory is the manufacturer of the MARHI system and its derivative the "Kislovodsk" module. Despite the young age of our company, it can be rightly called a leading developer of the Spatial Grid Structures production as it became the successor of the Moscow "Ekspostroymash" factory which had been for over 40 years the head manufacturer in the country of the spatial structures of this type, as well as the Nizhny Novgorod Company "ViSta".

There are no companies today in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries that are similar to or compete with our factory. There is no secret that Turkey, Germany and China offer similar light gauge metal structures. But the introduction of their products in our market requires mandatory certification of each project, as well as the complex customs clearance procedures. As a result, all this affects the price and the time to deliver the steel structures.

The «VISTA» company jointly with its partners also provides the following construction services:

1. Designing

- Feasibility Study (FS)                 
- Cost Estimate (CE)
- Preliminary Design (PD)
- Design (D)
- Working Design(WD)
- Detailed Design (DD)

2.Construction and Assembly Work
- Earth-Moving Work
- Flooring
- Assembly of Metal Structures
- Assembly of Fencing Structures
- Glazing
- Roofing etc.
- Rust Protection Waterproofing
- Paint Waterproofing
- Spray Waterproofing
- Foundation Waterproofing
- Floor Waterproofing etc.

4.Assembly of Engineering Systems
OWSD – Outside Water Supply and Drain Networks;
WPD – Water Pipes and Drains (Internal);
HV – Heating and Ventilation;
EE – Electrical Engineering;
GS – Gas Supply
5.Area Improvement
- Land Planning
- Vehicle Access Roads
- Landscaping
- Outside Lighting

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  The countdown of the JSC "Ekspostroymash" history began in June 1965 being the legal successor of the Moscow Research and Experimental Plant. The JSC "Ekspostroymash" was always known by its high quality products and the production culture. As of 2008 the company had designed and produced about 20 million sq. meters of spatial grid structures for different purposes, both in our country and abroad.

  In 2009 the group of companies "Vista" re-established the production of the spatial grid structures of the MARHI system at the new site giving this unique production a new lease on life. The number of machine tools was considerably increased; new equipment both domestic and foreign was purchased. During this period the company realized many complex and iconic projects - shopping malls, stores, exhibition centers, concert grounds and other facilities. The main incentive for us was to acquire experience in the projects with complex geometric shapes - ellipse, dome, various oblique and curved structures. But the key test for us became the restoration after an accident of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant which we successfully completed by fulfilling the government order on time. This has been confirmed by the numerous awards and letters of appreciation.  

To date, we have opened a new production facility with the capacity of up to 500 000 square meters of SGS per year. This production fully satisfies the demands for the production of traditional flat structures (warehouses, hangars, stores etc.) as well as complex individual projects.

At the moment:

  • Our factory employs several dozen of people
  • Factory production capacity is 500.000 m 2of metal structures of the MARHI system per year
  • From the mid 1960 we had built in our country and abroad over 80 mln sq meters of wide- span light gauge metal structures using the MARHI system. Every year we increase the number of such projects.

In 2015 our company signed exclusive international agreements for the provision of full range of services with the leading metalworking companies in the Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of Korea for the production of spatial grid structures. The accumulated experience of all our corporation divisions gives us a unique opportunity to design all types of buildings and structures, as well as implement projects at the highest technological level.

We jointly developed the Technical Specifications approved by the State Standards Committee of the Russian Federation, which waive the certification procedure and allow us to work not only in Russia, but also abroad.


In our production we have taken into account all the current trends and combined them using the positive Soviet experience. This resulted in the new high quality requirements in the production of this type of structures.

It was necessary to introduce the high-tech equipment into the production - modern machining centers, special equipment for metal processing and painting of finished products using electrostatics.

It all resulted in:

·  reduction of labor input in our products

·  price reduction of the finished steel structures compared to our international competitors by 60-80%, with the same level of quality

·  additional advantage of the MARHI system spatial grid structures is their usability in the regions with harsh climate

·  the MARHI system is also unsurpassable in the mountainous regions with high seismicity

  Unfortunately, today, more and more often we face unscrupulous companies allegedly producing our structures, as well as claiming to have implemented our projects by themselves or jointly with us. To create an image of a reliable partner and supplier they use our achievements, photographs, and design documentation passing them off as their own.

We are confident that you will find the “VISTA” company a reliable partner in the erection of construction projects of any complexity and will truly appreciate the quality of our products and services.