«VISTA» - Light Gauge Metal Construction Factory

The group of companies «VISTA» — is the light gauge prefabricated metal structures or spatial grid structures (SGS) factory. It is the only in Russia manufacturing plant which has a patented «MARHI SYSTEM». It also produces its derivative, a widely known «Kislovodsk» module and other structures.

The quick-erect prefabricated light gauge metal structures or spatial grid structures (SGS) — are the structures of tomorrow. The lightweight, strong and economical structures make it possible to construct a building of any complexity in the shortest time possible. At the same time the frames require a high-end design and skilled production. Due to its technological specifications the quick-erect prefabricated sections and light gauge metal structures considerably increase the profitability of the construction projects such as sports complexes, exhibition halls, movie theaters, shopping malls and warehouses, stores, cafeterias, electric power stations and many other projects.

The combination of scientific and technical potential of designing and manufacturing large-span spatial grid structures (SGS), with attracting leading design organizations allows us to supply the best quality and durable products at the minimum price possible.

The quick-erect structures of the «MARHI» system are mountable-and-dismountable which allows to quickly and easily move (dismantle) the metal structures and erect them in any other place where you need them.

The «VISTA» group of companies and factory offer to buy the metal structures on the «turn-key» basis, which includes the complete design, manufacturing and assembly of the project. You may choose either a standard project or order a custom design of the metal frames.


The Advantages of the Light Gauge Metal Construction

  • Large-span structures. The manufacturing of large span structures up to 110 meters long without any interim supports.
  • Low metal consumption. The metal consumption starts from 14 kg per 1 sq meter of the span.
  • Unsupported Structures.The minimal number supports and the supports can be located in any junction point of the framework.
  • Quickness of Assembly and Erection. The assembly of 1000 sq meters is complete in five days; the sections are fully ready at the factory.
  • Versatility. It is possible to mount the moving and technological devices (beam crane); the interchangeability of the sections.


We deliver the ready-made universal solutions –the quick-erect metal structure projects. It will save you money on an individual project and time on erecting the project.

Please visit our gallery of the ready-made standard projects.


The Calculator

We design the projects based on the individual technical specifications using the custom-made metal structures “SGS MARHI”. Using the calculator you can calculate the erection cost of the desired project and also place an order.

estimate the cost

Dear Customers, Partners and Competitors!

We are happy to inform that the “VISTA” group of companies has opened a new site for the production of “MARHI” system spatial grid structures.

The city of Izhevsk has been selected as the manufacturing site because it is in the top 20 largest cities of the country. It is a large economic, transportation, trade and cultural hub of the country which is known in the country and in the world by its defense, machine building and steel making industries. It is one of the largest industrial centers in the Urals and the Volga region.

  • The production capacities have been increased by 150 000 square meters per year.
  • A production shop has been set up and is functioning today on the space of 3000 square meters.
  • The machine tool park contains over 60 units of machinery which fully meet the technological requirements of the “MARHI” production system.
  • The new factory employs 70 people.

We are sure that you will find the “VISTA” company a reliable partner in the erection of construction projects of any complexity and will truly appreciate the quality of our products and services.

Look forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation,
The staff of the «VISTA» group of companies